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sahara storm
03 January 2008 @ 03:39 pm
Scavenger Hunt Round 4

HAY GUYS. :) All fired up to try again?

Basic rules, just to refresh your memories: I'll give you the category for the hunt, and then give you a hint as to what it is. Your job will be to find something close or even perhaps the exact item I am looking for. Posts are screened, so no one can cheat. You will receive points based on how close your find is to the original piece I have. And this one, my dears, is a bit challenging, I'm afraid. >)

FANFIC: In which Neji and Tenten have a discussion, parallels abound, and Lee's entry does not have dynamic timing.

Now, if you are having a hard time and you want another hint, comment here with the word 'HELP'. I will give you ONE additional hint! But it will cost you. You will lose 5 points, but it also may increase your chance of finding the actual item and obtain the most points from the challenge, so make your decisions wisely.

If you don't respond with a find by 3PM Saturday (5th), you will receive 0 points. So make sure you get your item in on time. This post will become unscreened at 4, and further comments disabled.

The next post will be made by silverteardropx.

ParticipantsCollapse )

Have fun, and good luck! :)

I fic I was looking for was A Conversation About Sakura by teamgaifan.

meepers_369 - 15
staticlights - 5
candy_bride - 25
nebulasan - 15
yumi_maki - 25
toboe_lonewolf - 15
monakauta - 15
sapphireluna - 5
wordynessie - 10
coconutmandarin - 10
hyuugatenten - 10
notesonlove - 15
zero4combatant - 0

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03 January 2008 @ 08:32 pm
So far things have been really great, and I appreciate all the contributions and all of the participation during the festival guys. :D Our festival will be over sooner then we know it, so keep enjoying the events, challenges, and contests still open.

We have some fantastic icons for our community icontest, but more are always welcome. If you'd like to enter, even if just one icon, please stop by here.

Our Round Robin story will be coming to a close soon. If you're a participant, please make sure to watch for your turn. Once full story is completed, we'll be posting the entire story for the community.

Our first ever Oekakies Board has been a success, and probably one of my favorite parts of the festival. It's still open for people to draw if interested.

For NejiTen music downloads or recommendations, please visit our festival FST thread. Anyone who posted previously, and would like to make more song suggestions, feel free to now.

Additional events and threads can be found here along with additional community contributions. Questions or comments are of course welcome if you happen to have them. And finally, stay tuned for some more events and goodies in the near future. :D

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