January 1st, 2008

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[Festival] Fanfic Thread

Happy New Years Everyone! Hopefully everyone will have a healthy and happy new year. It would also be wonderful if we have an awesome NejiTen filled year to come our way as well. ♥ I have another event for you guys.

One of the first things that I usually note about this community is the number of very talented writers we have here. And I wanted to make a thread similar to that of the fanart thread, so that members can link their favorite stories, share their own or share new stories here for everyone to read. If anything is R or NC-17 related, please link and label it as such. I'll start off with a few of my favorites obviously not all. :D

- Summertime by miss_wildcatt
- Life An Introduction by goldberry
- Colonial by notesonlove
- To Workaholics Everywhere by wordynessie
- Cannonball by wingsover
- The Alliance by notesonlove
- Where Death is King by wordynessie
- Perhaps Fate by miss_wildcatt
- Bergeron Falls by goldberry

So feel free to share. ♥

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Wow, I feel so accomplished. I got another oneshot done for you guys. :3 Of course, it's a very late new year's one. XP I finished it at about 2:30pm, yet it took me 6 hours to think of a non-overused title. So enjoy yourselves while I can finally start on that tennis fic...

Revealed, Yet Untold