December 30th, 2007

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I have three NejiTen fics up. They're not much, but hopefully whoever reads them likes them. Only one of them is newer, but you can still read them all if you're so inclined. :D

Title: Sleep Talking
Summary: Neji, Tenten, and Lee are returning from a mission, and have to camp out. What will Tenten say if she starts talking in her sleep, and how will Neji respond?

Title: I Will Follow You Into the Dark
Summary: When Tenten is killed on a mission, how will Neji react to life without his sparring partner and friend?

Title: Blackbird
Summary: Neji makes Tenten angry when he talks about Fate. What can he do to make her forgive him?
[Bleach] KenseiLisa Makeout!


Title: Enigma
Rating: T
Summary: Tenten was still a mystery to him, an enigma wrapped up in silken kisses and sensual skin. [AU] [Oneshot]
Warning: ... Suggestions of mature situations? Light lime, I guess. Not a part of the Christmas challenge. 

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