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As the time draws closer, I think it's important that everything is done orderly and timely. I have already developed a list of events and ideas for the festival. Some are return ideas and events that were very successful, such as our "caption contest" and our "festival soundtrack" thread. However, it would also be nice to mix in some new things to keep things interesting and new. This is where you guys come in. We had some wonderful suggestions last year, and some more would be greatly appreciated.


If you would like to contribute an idea for the festival, please do so here. For members who participated in last years festival, if there is an event or contest you really enjoyed and want to see return, please let me know here! Yep, just comment here.

Also, this is the time to voice any concerns you may have. If there was something you hated about the festival, feel free to let me know as well. No point doing something no one liked.

For those who need a refresher of some of the things accomplished in last years festival, here is the 2006 NejiTen Festival Directory.

Those wishing to assist me in the festival, please leave comments for when the Help Thread is posted tomorrow. I really do appreciate the enthusiasm though! This is looking to be an even bigger and better festival then last year. Thank you all for your cooperation. ♥

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11 December 2007 @ 10:56 pm
 Something I drew a while ago! Personally, I think I did a pretty good job on this one! *yay*

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