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Sapphire Luna
17 November 2007 @ 10:08 pm
Hi!! It's me again! Are you getting tired of my posts already? There are currently 491 members in nejiten, yet it's always the same people who are posting, have you noticed? More Team Gai stuff, people! We can't see them in the anime nor the manga for a while now. So fan stuff is the only thing we have right now! I am such a fangirl. Maybe I should get a life? But I digress.

I watched episode 124 recently,episode I had no seen since it was first subbed, and was remembered of interesting screenshots that I hunted down for you.

Priceless Team Gai momentCollapse )

Also, this picture from one of the endings that I slightly photoshopped.
Anyone have a clearer version?Collapse )

That is all. Be stronger than the you of yesterday.
Oh gawd I have no life.