November 5th, 2007

cassandra's destiny

Today's Advice

Better late than never~

The last part makes me smile. 0_o

By the way, thanks to MontageDreams for guest starring in this chapter! Don't forget, I'm still scouting for another person for Long Haul! I think details for that can be found here; though I'm not sure if I just mentioned it in passing or something.

Title: Today's Advice
Author: Cassandra's Destiny
Rating: Fiction Rated T
Status: In-progress
Summary: Tenten has a fine job and a fine lover, but today's advice is don't lie. Okay, so her job isn't all that, and she lied about the lover part too. But that doesn't mean she has to take orders from a hot bastard who calls himself executive director, right?
Updated: Chapter 5

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