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21 October 2007 @ 10:59 am
The contest is over. Judging will now take place. For those who couldn't enter, feel free to use the theme if you still wish to. You will be added to the list, but have a star next to your entry. For those who only submitted a portion of their entry, they will be listed here, but they will not be looked at by judges. Good luck to all, and if you have missed any of the entries...they are now all conveniently listed here. ♥ Many amazing entries, so don't just pass them by.

First. Outer. Inner. Last.

goldberry//chariel//wordynessie//sahara_storm [ F.O.I.L. ]
light_flower [ F.O.I.L. ]
toboe_lonewolf [ F.O.I.L. ]
lotuseater21 [ F. O. I. L. ]
wingsover [ F.O.I.L. ]
meepers_369 [ F.O.I.L. ]
munesanzun_koi [ F.O.I.L. ]
tanya_lilac [ F.O.I.L. ]
silvery_green [ F.O.I.L. ]
dbnext//onijutsu//dodgeroll [ F.O.I.L. ]
nebulasan [ F.O.I.L. ]
notesonlove [ F.O.I.L. ]
sireensilver [ F.O.I.L. ]
eshtar [ F.O.I.L ]
sapphireluna [ F.O.I.L. ]
silverxdragon [ F.O.I.L. ]

Myself, mycassandra, and smokkie will be judging the pieces and will hopefully have results up by next week.
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Sapphire Luna
21 October 2007 @ 05:55 pm
Title: Blossom of Youth (lame title, I know.)
Chara/Pairing: NejiTen + Lee + Gai
Genre/Rating: A humorous M =D

Summary: Lee accidently sees his teammates..."discovering the springtime of youth" together...

No, Gai-sensei. Neji and Tenten were...expressing their youthfulness...Collapse )