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Toboe LoneWolf
13 October 2007 @ 06:30 pm
Foil challenge entry part the FIRST. Huzzah!

...Except Toboe is a lazy procrastinator made of fail, so I bring you something I've been plotting on for awhile. Yes, I bring thee a preview of my chaptered Nejiten fic. Actually, it's the full prologue.

...Hey, it works for the FOIL challenge!

So anyway. Part the first (and any critiques would be lovely, because asdfasfd Toboe actually writing a chaptered fic WUT):

It Takes A Village: PrologueCollapse )
The RaeRae
13 October 2007 @ 11:03 pm
Here is the F.O.I.L entry of team D.O.T (dbnext, onijutsu and dodgeroll). Four entries, three talented individuals, all packed away in one lovely post.

Title: First Shower
Characters: Neji, Tenten
Theme: First
Rating: G
Artist: onijutsu

Rain Rain~Collapse )

Title: Immobilization
Characters: Neji, Tenten
Theme: Outer
Rating: G
Artist: Collab between dbnext and onijutsu

Don't be a doujutsu CHEATER, NejiCollapse )

Title: Evolution
Characters: Neji, Tenten, Mentions of Gai and Lee
Theme: Inner
Rating: K+
Writer: dodgeroll

They were young...Collapse )

Title: Last Stand
Characters: Neji, Tenten
Theme: Last
Rating: PG-13
Artist: dbnext

Our Victory...Collapse )

Good luck to everyone, and thank you to dbnext and dodgeroll for joining me and my team~♥
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