October 4th, 2007

Mio No thank you end

F.O.I.L. Fanart!

Hello!!! I managed to squeeze in the last bit of time... *finally*... Well... I made all of them in the middle of the class since I have no time now. And I'll be out of town for our country 's tradition of going back home t our village soo... don't expect too much.

Ah, yeah: There is a bonus art, the one who made everything happened. Oh yeah. AU NejiTen
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I want to make a fic for FOIL too... but I guess I won't be able to give it before the deadline so... ^^; Maaaaa.... Since I have a lot to do, I gotta go!! THANKS!!!
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[FOIL challenge] On Plans Unheeded by Sireensilver

It seems I tried to use all the meanings of foil I could muster except for the numerical one. I avoid Maths like the plague. ♥

NejiTen LJ Community Challenge: F.O.I.L (First. Outer. Inner. Last.)
Rating: K+
Notes/Warnings: Light awkward sauce and a rather frenzied use of the prompt/s. Connected pieces; my favorite!

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