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26 June 2007 @ 05:36 pm
Since I'm a kind Team Gai whore fan, I thought I would share this monster I started this morning. XDD I welcome all, whether you follow my journal or not, to oggle or contribute some good ol' team Gai fanart (even links to awesome Team Gai/OTP/NejiTen love). Doesn't matter what it is (pairings/group/two people/OT4/OTP). I love it ALL. SMUT is welcome too...cause I said so. >O

How much Team Gai fanart can be posted
at once without the internet exploding?

I'm x-posting this everywhere cause I can/want some more fanart I like sharing. XDD So if you see this message more then once, forgive me. *pokes the Team Gai fan in all of us*

Sorry if your story is'nt on here.

Here's the list:
Beyond obsession
About a daddy and a nanny 
11 fundamental rules of life
pretend girlfriend

This list will be updated a lot! You've probably read most of these stories but I just wanted to name some of them for those of you who haven't.

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