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that's what she said
21 June 2007 @ 01:29 am
Ah, I'm unsure if I'm allowed to post this fic to the community since there's very little Neji/Tenten action (although I couldn't help but squeeze in a little since I'm just too fond of the pairing). It's pretty much a Team Gai fic with a hint of Neji/Tenten (or Lee/Tenten for those who like that couple, although I was definitely not going for that pairing and I tried to make the Lee and Tenten bits more teammate-sibling-ey). xD

Anyways, to get straight to the point, I wasn't sure if this was Neji/Ten material and therefore it would be nice if someone would give me a yes or a nooooo on it. Ahahahaaa. I'd be very, very grateful. There is a smidge of Neji/Tenten which is why decided to risk embarrassment by posting.

Thanks to anyone who helps and onto the fic. :D

Title: Reborn Together
Team Gai (Rock Lee, Hyuuga Neji, Tenten, Maito Gai)
029. Birth
Word Count:
From despair would come hope, and with that in their hearts and minds, they would finally be able to grow and move on.
Author's Notes: I wish I owned, but I don't. It's kind of choppy and very depressing (in a way). Angst warning.

(To Tenten, it was a sign that told her everything would be okay.)
that's what she said
21 June 2007 @ 04:51 pm

The result of being bored and lazy at the same time:

[1] Neji/Tenten
[1] Tenten
[3] Neji

For those like me who can't add, that's a total of five icons.

Sorry they aren't very good. And sorry there's only one Neji/Tenten one. I planned on making more but I got hungry and lazy before I could finish that goal. Ahahaa.


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