June 4th, 2007

Uchi sayz whatev

[Story] Attempt #2

Something ...neji/tenten-esque.. *sigh* I figure if I practice, I'll eventually have to improve. XP Please bear with me until then. 

Title: : 'Bite off more than you can chew' 
Series: Naruto
Rating: Teen 
Word Count: About 1, 450
Warnings: Soome bad language, and mentions of hormones... no sexual content but references to attraction. 
Spoilers: One of Neji's new attacks from Shippuuden
Pairing: Neji/Tenten 
Summary: Set sometime during the time-skip. Basically Neji and Tenten get in some extra (fighting) practice, there are wet clothes involved. 
The theme and prompts are borrowed from the 30kisses community at livejournal. I didn't claim the NejiTen couple. This is for practice and fun, I'll leave the pairing to an author more talented than I.

I’m still working on getting Neji and Tenten right, in terms of characterization and other stuff, so forgive my... lacking ability. I’ll try to improve my writing... My newly discovered Neji/Tenten muse was sent into overdrive by episode 14 of Shippuuden! *gasp splutter dies at awesomeness of episode*. I've been a fan of Neji/Tenten for a while.... but this just made it groow.. and manifest itself in a previously undiscovered muse.

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