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30 May 2007 @ 08:47 pm

Hi, *cough* please Ignore the picture of the girl.. not me... just the model I'm using for hana inuzuka (whom I attempt to play at eloquentsociety, same journal) I can't have pretty neji/tenten icons : (

 I borrowed the theme and prompt from the livejournal 30_kisses community, although I did not claim the Neji or Tenten pairing. I'll leave that to talented, and dedicated, authors.  I also posted this at fanfiction.net under the name Raven2120 (I didn't realize everyone was named Raven, mine was because my dog, Raven (haha..duh), had just died).

Title: Water (Chapter Title: The Deep End) 
Anime: Naruto 
Pairing: Neji/Tenten 
Rating: Teen (to be safe, because I'm not entirely sure..)
Summary: It was routine to walk Tenten home, this time Neji decides to change part of the routine.
Word Count: 1, 817
Warnings/Spoilers: Well spoils Neji's rank in the shippuuden episodes, no other warnings.. besides .. Neji.. "going off the deep end" *sigh*
I was partially inspired by the new Shippuuden episodes, where Tenten is exasperated with Gai and Lee’s overreacting and childish behavior, and Neji tells her to “drop it” or “just let it go”. You’ll see the part. 

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