April 23rd, 2007

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????????? A very weird NejiTen Drabble

My first attempt on doing a cut!!! Does it work? Does it work? *anxious*

Title: The Dipping Snow
Summary: I don't know... everything is vague so I don't understand the fic myself... ^^ hahahahaha! but... "One snowy day... and the nature was playing with his heart."
Rate: K+

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Hey, the cut works!!!

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A Good Friend!

Fill-in exchange gift for hyuugatenten

Title: Rock Idols
Author: istoria
For: hyuugatenten
Prompt: "S/he's Mine". Humor. Earthtones. Jungle!Neji, lol. Fanboys. Team Gai. Hair. Weapons. Swimming. Singing. Dares. Clashing. Smirk. Fly. Love. Tension. Hidden agendas. Thunderstorms. Fears. Yes... they are ALL there.
Rating: K
Notes: Ah... this one was easier to write because it was far far far far less serious. Hopefully still maintained the romance parts enough.

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