April 22nd, 2007


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I seem to have been bitten by a NejiTen bug; hence inspiration brings out two more drabbles. What else to do on the last day of Proper Internet Access?

Title: Bedizened
Summery: In which Tenten makes a sacrifice and Neji enjoys it
Rating: T
Note: Crack version of theme - 'Dressing up'

[ “Neji, this is backwards.” ]

Title: Stratagem
Summery: No one ever question this: Tenten's accuracy goes beyond weapons
Rating: T...bordering on M (?)
Note: Written for the naruto100 challenge: Jealousy

[ "You let him touch you." ]

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Title: Learning from Love
Rating: G (Nothing bad in it)
Category: Drama/Romance
Summary: Loving him taught me not to stop. Tenten's POV
Note: So this is the first time I have posted here and I hope you guys like it. Comments are much appreciated. Actually, I posted this around the start of April and I decided to post this here as well for the sake of posting something here. I haven't been keeping in touch with my lj. When I wrote this, the idea just jolted out of nowhere while I read my other fics. Anyway, here it is.

ONeSHot- ff.net

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