April 16th, 2007

mg [zoe]

Reminder and Assistance Please

As you all know, the Gift Exchange is over and done with. However, we are still missing a few gifts. I got in contact with most of you already about it, and most commented back. A few didn't, so this is what I'm going to do. For parterns who didn't exchange at all (i.e. neither partnered member sumbitted a gift) you will not be held accountable for your gifts. If in the future you want to submit whatever you happened to do...then that's cool. But this also means that if you don't get something in return, the community is not responsible for giving you something in return. That note goes to xhananx and spiral_wind.

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I haven't heard anything from heaven_screw and burnishedvelvet, so I am going to assume they don't plan on submitting for the exchange. For those who were interested in helping out with makeup gifts, this is your chance. Gifts are needed for hyuugatenten or starstruck2, so if you're interested in helping out that would be great. Just comment with who you wish to make a gift for. You guys won't have a time limit on submission since you guys really aren't obligated to do this.

EDIT: It's all good now. We got people for the makeup gifts. Thanks. :D

As for the rest of you who got everything in on time, thanks for making the exchange a success! We had a lot of great entries come from this thing, and I would love to hold another come next year for those still around. You guys are the best! Thanks for putting up with all the reminder posts. XD

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[Bleach] KenseiLisa Makeout!


Story: Intrigue

Summary: Tenten had no idea what she was getting into when she decided to rescue a Hyuuga princess locked away in a tower. Unfortunately, the 'princess' was not a princess, and didn't need her help as much as Tenten had liked to think. [AU NejiTen]

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Humour

Links: Chapter One, Chapter Two

It doesn't take much of an explanation to explain why I almost fell out of my chair, seeing Crimson Riot's Rapunzel-Neji drawing.

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