April 9th, 2007

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Neji and Tenten AU video for the contest at the NejixTenten FC (NarutoForums)

I'm beat, I've been working on this for about a week and all of last night. This really stressed me out, especially when my movie maker kept freezing and it wouldn't save well. But, after all that frustration, it turned out pretty good.

The story is set in the Medieval Times. Tenten is a Princess... Neji falls in love with her <3 Drama, drama, drama. The credits in the video will explain. Hope you enjoy!

Based on the movie: Tristan & Isolde
Legend: Tristan & Isolde

Yes, I love this movie as you can tell ._.;


NejixTenten video -

(A Forbidden Love - Neji and Tenten)
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