March 29th, 2007

mg [zoe]


We are nearing the deadline to our gift exchange, and I'm surprised to say that there are still 29 members that need to submit their exchange gift for their partner. That gives you little more than a week to complete this exchange. I'm going to assume the lot of you will have something in by SATURDAY, APRIL 7th, 2007 because if you didn't have time to complete your exchange within the two month span then I don't know what I will do. That's a lot of people to be making up gifts for. XD So, please, please, please! Get your gifts in by then. If you absolutely can't do the exchange and please don't let it be for a lame reason since you had the time to cancel way before this week please let me know last hour of April 6th. You can say this in the "completed gift exchange" link listed below. Comments are screened. Under the cut are people who still owe gifts.

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If for some reason I missed your entry which is completely possible, please let me know right away and I'll remove your name from the list and add your entry to the exchange list.

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Ah hello :D

Hello, everyone. I'm Erica and new to this whole LJ thing. I really like NejiTen so ... Yoroshiku minna-san!!

So a little peace offering contribution to the community, I have some fic on to share:


Summary: [AU][NT&NH&SS&SI&IT][Chp9 up!]['or her favorite, 'What Did Sasuke Do Now'. Hinata frowned to see her friends like this. 'I don't know Tenten chan..']..It all started when models were getting expensive.

Rating: T

I hope you enjoy~! :D

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Gift fic for onijutsu~!

Gift fic for onijutsu

Sorry for taking so long!  I worked on this for ages and am still not that happy with it - sorry  - but I honestly don't know what to do with it anymore (and it's getting ridiculously long for a one shot), so I hope you'll like it anyway!

Title: Sake
Pairing: NejiTen
Rating: K+
Word Count: 7379
Summary:  A tale of growing up, old wounds and underage drinking.
Disclaimer: Not mine.  Bleh.

[  I love you, she told him, and the words tasted like sake on her tongue.  ]       ~