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10 January 2007 @ 06:18 pm

One Hundred Themes: Forgiveness
Word Count: 1249
Rating: K+
Genre: Humor / Romance
Summary: He baked, she laughed, he sulked. And then some.
Notes: Purposely OOC for the sake of being silly. What a trade-off, hehehe.

One Hundred Themes: Wound
Word Count: 2168
Rating: K+
Genre: Humor / slight Romance
Summary: While training, Neji meets a little accident. Like the good teammates they are, Tenten and Lee help their leader.
Notes: Maybe I'm just into Neji-torture. Yeah, that must be it. 

One Hundred Themes: Hair
Word Count: 2061
Rating: K
Genre: General / hinted Romance
Summary: Neji doesn't want a haircut. Lee doesn't understand why. Tenten knows there's more to it than mere hair art.
Notes: Team Gai-ness, hints of Tenten's importance in Neji's outlook regarding the team, and the truth behind the headless horseman.


I've started work recently, so yes, my fic updating has been severely affected. If there are people here who read my stuff on ff.n, I wish to apologize for the delay in the final chapter of About a Daddy and a Nanny. But really, I'm working on it! ^^;; Thanks for being patient, and well, I hope you guys enjoy these uh...oneshots for the meantime.

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