December 28th, 2006

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[Misty] & [Mary] 50 Collaborated Icons!

Hiya! I come bringing icons that both mistyladybug, another sakusei girl, and myself have made for you! :D These are icons that were made using both of us. It's called collaboration. XD; Misty cropped & lighted the images, and I added the textures, text, etc, and everything else needed. So when you credit & snag please credit both of us. :D There will be rules near the bottom. ;]

[10] Naruto
[10] Teen Titans
[11] Kingdom Hearts
[10] Full Metal Alchemist
[10] Inuyasha


( Click for the icons! :DD )

NejiTen Cyber Fun--Part 2

If you remember this little contribution I made, then you'll know what this is. :D

Sadly, no Lee this time, as I couldn't quite fit him in. And while I believe this isn't as... um, wonderful as the first one, you can bet I'm going to cough up more in the future. So... I hope you enjoy it. It's really fun to do; I encourage you to try yourself. ;)

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