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Toboe LoneWolf
12 December 2006 @ 03:56 pm
A little doodle to perhaps lighten for 0.032 nanoseconds of a moment during your finals week? XP

Nejiten: Mine
Sapphire Luna
12 December 2006 @ 06:56 pm
Here's a funny (hopefully) lil fic I wrote. Please read it if you've got nothing better to do XD

Title: It's not my birthday!
Pairing: Various but there's more NejiTen, I promise.
Words: 3475
Summary: The girls start beating up their teammates, while some are mysteriously being spared. Naruto wonders why, while fearing his own violent fate at the hand of Sakura. Angry girls = dangerous girls. What did most of the boys forget that made the girls so mad?

Read it here
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Inuyasha OST - Goshiboku