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18 November 2006 @ 01:33 pm

I didn't get around to posting all the works I did before the deadline (which was waaaay three weeks ago), and mainly it was my fault (for the computer to crash on me and I had to type them out over and over and over again) so I guess I can't have a spiffy banner. T____T blooming_cosmo, gomen ne if I kinda promised I'd participate.

I just wanted to share at least two of what I did. I'll be posting the rest soon.

And, uhm, yep, lau_kun, you really were the one who pushed me to finish this. Thanks a bunch. XDDDDDDDD

So be forewarned.

The font sizes screwed up, so please bear with me. Will fix it. When I come around. Gomen neeee~

EDIT 19/11/2006 : I managed to fix the font size glitch. ^__^ I'll add the other eight once I get off work. (I'm at work right now, and what I'm actually doing is illegal, so, you do get the picture.^__^).

And everything else in between would just follow. XDDDDD

comments would be nice ^_____^ two down, eight more to go. ^___^

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18 November 2006 @ 10:05 pm
For hyakuiro, who won my little guessing game. Sorry this is late, dear. : [

So what does Neji think of while he's meditating?Collapse )

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