October 30th, 2006

mg [zoe]

Closing Rights and Winners [Festival]

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Thanks for the participation. Voting turn out was awesome. All winning icons will be displayed in the userpics for this community. Congrats to winners. Your banner maker will be la_xhal.

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Thanks for entries and votes. Also big thanks for goldberry for helping me run the contest. She will also be responsible for banners. Again thanks. Awesome. Once I finish editing the banner with the winning phrase, the community layout will be done and posted. Hurray!

And thus concludes the first ever NejiTen Festival! Thanks for all the wonderful participation. Thanks to lurkers, and members, and and everyone. You all rock. And I will get everything done and finished related to this contest (banners, scavenger hunt, etc) by Wednesday no later. Scavenger Hunt will continue for two more rounds just so we can get a solid winner. When that happens, I will get all the entries from the Round Robin collected and posted here for all to see. Thennnn...I will post the FST and any lurker contributions. Thanks. And I hope that the end of this festival won't mark the end of more NejiTen entries. Don't stop the NejiTen love! ♥

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