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25 October 2006 @ 03:08 am
While gleefully taking a break avoiding the studying of this computer midterm until I was done, I have finished my attempt at the 10 for 10 challenge and I aldo made an icon for the community icon contest.


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25 October 2006 @ 01:01 pm
And with my assistant goldberry, let's get this contest on the road.

It's exactly how it sounds. You, the member, will be thinking up a phrase that we will become this communities official phrase. It needs to be something short, but at the same time encompassing everything that the relationship is in that short phrase. If you're confused, then here are a few examples:

Setting the caged bird free.

Weapons pick the locks off of cages.

And that's it. It just takes a little thinking, but it's not very difficult. So let's get to the rules:

- Entries are due on Saturday the 28th at 9PM EST.
- You can submit 2 entires, but don't tell anyone what they are.
- No copying or repeats. If someone beats you to a phrase, then it won't count (sorry). Also, if it's a phrase I've seen used before it won't count either.
- Posts are screened to minimize copying. :)

First item of the scavenger hunt will be posted at 7PM tonight. Sorry for the delay. -_-;
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Toboe LoneWolf
25 October 2006 @ 01:26 pm
Hello again! It appears that I am your current Nejiten crack dealer for this festival, unless there happens to be a few people who have yet to come out of the underground. XP

Three more ficlets for the Ten for Ten challenge. I must confess that this is not exactly the highest grade of Nejiten crack as I have an Organic Chemistry Midterm of Doom II on Friday, but I hope that nevertheless you at least giggle at the concept.

If the last set was wacky, then this set is classic. A classic movie, a classic metaphor, and a classic party game. Who says it all has to be angsty anyways. XP Happy reading!

'Is this a kissing movie?'Collapse )

'Gravity is constant. You can't defy gravity forever.'Collapse )

'Neji, my most esteemed friend and rival— Truth or Dare?'Collapse )
25 October 2006 @ 02:03 pm
Yes~ I've been doujinshi-obsessed ever since my eye caught a NejiTen doujinshi on eBay. So I thought I'd scan the ones I have involving NejiTen/Team Gai for the festival. ♥ (I'm sure we all know how hard it is to find NejiTen doujinshi to buy.) Sorry this took so long, I was loaded with other work yesterday, so I didn't get to scan it all. But here we go.

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Hyuuga Tenten
there is a nuggety niceness in the middle... i think...

1 Multi Chapter Story [Jungle]
1 Piece of Art[Mystery]
7 Ficlets [Waking Up][Lips][Newton][Fpsoche Madden Heels][Harmony of Denial][Hair][Close Your Mouth]
11 Songs/1 FST [Private Laughter][Spring Summer Feeling][She Wants To Move][Ready For Love][This Love][Shiver][Shimmer][Cotton Candy][Got You][Nosizwe][Slide]

Links to ALL dowloadable music & fics at top!

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