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21 October 2006 @ 12:11 pm
So I finally found a program I could work with and this is the result.

Pray by Tommy heavenly6

Dedicated to all the people who are making this festival awesome. :D Credits and a lot of other things waiting when the video opens. Hope you enjoy...heh...now to take care of my other modly duties.
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21 October 2006 @ 12:27 pm
Scavenger Hunt

I know I mentioned this briefly, but I never really explained the idea of it. But I think you can get a fair idea about what this whole thing will require of it's participants. Yes! That's right! You will need to search for various items that I list. The easy part is finding something. The hard part is...finding the most accurate item. *ebil*

Now, you don't have to work on your own. If you want to partner up with someone that is totally cool. If you choose to work on your own that's fine as well. Whatever works for you. Just remember that it will be the team/person that finds the most accurate item that will receive the most points.

Interested? I hope so. If not then I'll have to trash the idea. If we get enough interest this event won't start until Wednesday. This should give everyone time to sign up and whatnot. Wednesday you will receive your first challenge and you will post your findings to a screened post. You will find out how you did when the next item to look for is posted (below will be your team/self standings). I'm not exactly sure about the award for this challenge will be, but once I figure it out I'll be sure to mention it in the next post. :)

So comment if you'd like to take part in this. If you are working with someone, please state who. With that said, the maximum number of people you can work with is 3. No groups of 6 or 10. XD

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21 October 2006 @ 04:42 pm
[t]itle: Swirl
[r]ating: ESRB rating of T for Teen
[t]heme: 01. It's Been Five Days
[f]andom: Naruto
[p]airing: Nejiten
[s]ummary: Increments of five days are driving him mad. Come back to me, Tenten.
[n]otes: Blah blah blah, I play with the whole "catatonia" "something isn't right here" and "come back" themes again. References to Twinborn. Also, way, way post-series, with spoilers for Naruto 328.

It's been five days. Somewhere between 'short' and 'long', more than long enough for her to die of dehydration, but not long enough for her to die of starvation.Collapse )
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21 October 2006 @ 05:50 pm
Festival Soundtrack

Here to bug you all again. Major apologies if I'm spamming your friends pages. *bowbowbow* And this time I come asking all of your opinions on music because I think it would be an ultra spiffy idea if we had a soundtrack for our festival.

Now, I know for a fact that we have members who listen to ALL kinds of music, so this shouldn't be all too difficult to put together. I'll make a cover and back for the soundtrack, and all I'll ask in return is that members post ONE song along with lyrics. If you are kind enough to upload the song for us, that would be great too. I'm not picky with what site you use to upload because these songs will be mirrored by istoria. (omg thank you again! ♥)

Can't upload? Don't worry about it! Leave it to my team of uploaders (yesthatnagia ; staticlights ; zero4combatant ; goldberry ; istoria). (You guys are totally awesome, and don't know how to repay you. ♥) They will try and find the song and upload it for you. In order for that to happen, we will need name and artist. Please don't just leave what you think the lyrics are cause you don't remember the title or artist. That's not fair for my volunteers, so MAKE SURE you know title and artist. And again, lyrics are wonderful.

Don't worry about language either. English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German...I don't care. Just as long as it suits NejiTen, it's all good in my books.

And because I'm currently addicted to this song, I will be making the first song contribution. If uploaders can't find it, don't worry. I'll upload it on Monday when I get to school.

1. Pray by Tommy heavenly6 [lyrics]
2. Diamond Sea by Sonic Youth [lyrics]
3. Sun In My Mouth by Björk [lyrics]
4. Everything by Lifehouse [lyrics]
5. I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders [lyrics]
6. Nothing At All by Rob Dougan [lyrics]
7. Gomenasai by T.A.T.U [lyrics]
8. What Breaks Your Heart by Scott Krippayne [lyrics]
9. A Song For You by Michael Buble [lyrics]
10. I Need You to Love Me by Barlow Girl [lyrics]
11. Joga by Bjork [lyrics]
12. All That I'm Living For by Evanescence [lyrics]
13. Star Gazer by SPITZ [lyrics]
14. When Angel's Fly Away by Cold [lyrics]
15. Red Swing by Puffy Amiyumi [lyrics]
16. Breathless by Acceptance [lyrics]
17. Dearest by Ayumi Hamasaki [lyrics]
18. Eric's Song by Vienna Teng [lyrics]
19. Love Before Time by Coco Lee [lyrics]
20. Middle of Night by Sherwood for Me [lyrics]
21 October 2006 @ 06:54 pm

Well when I saw that "It's been five days" as the first theme, I remembered wingsover's fic One Week and I thought "Hey, most of these themes are probably in songs!" so I searched all over Google for a song for each theme. Some where rather easy to find... and some not so easy, but I found one for each theme that fit Neji and Tenten in some way or another. And then I uploaded them! =)



I'd like to know your thoughts on the songs. =)

21 October 2006 @ 11:02 pm
Continuing those themes I promised my friend to be done by October, but SHHHH. The next little batch of the one hundred themes. :) Already up at my journal, but putting it up here in light of the festival. ;-)

Sometimes Tenten said, out of the blue, things like, Collapse )

I have one more theme fic coming--it was too long to include with this. Plus, the ten themes from the festival itself. :)