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07 October 2006 @ 02:24 pm
Nejiten and LeehinaCollapse )
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07 October 2006 @ 08:15 pm

Neji x Tenten Festival 2006

I believe I promised a Festival, and I'll be damned if I go back on my word. That's my ninja way! But perhaps this is coming to you all at the best possible time. I'm not kidding! For all those who have been killed by filler, for all those who have lost hope, or simply for those who don't care anymore, there is hope! It comes in Orange and Black.

Yes, it looks like fillers will be ending eventually, and once it does we'll have the wonderful Neji and Tenten to admire on screen. So what better way to prepare for the awesome timeskip then to celebrate the coupling that we all love. That's right! I have finally decided on a date for our little festival. It will be 9 days in total of fabulous NejiTen action and fun. You shouldn't miss it! So mark the following date on your calendars kiddies!


Once Friday starts we will get on to a bunch of daily events to jumpstart the community again! Any form of participation for the following events would be greatly appreciated, but since many of you shwed interest to my previous post I will only expect the greatest amount of participation from you all!

So what exactly do we have planned for all of you guys?

Things To Look Foward ToCollapse )

So have I motivated you all yet? Yes!? Excellent! That is only the first step though, so bare with me. In order for all these events to occur without a hitch, I need as much participation as possible, which is why I am making mention of all of this now and not the day before the festival. Some events need preparation all on their own, so don't be surprised if you see posts that follow about signing up for events or those which will have me asking for member help in certain areas. After all...I can't possibly manage all of this on my own. I may be a slave to work, but even I have my limits, and by having those dedicated in helping, this whole festival can work out perfectly!

Okay, so I think I stressed help and participation enough for you already, correct? Good, but just so that the whole festival is welcoming to all in the Naruto Fandom, I will be extending invitations to all...even if they just want to peek in and see what exactly is going on in here. I say this because my ultimate goal for this festival is to spread the NejiTen love. And I'm serious about that. This fandom is my favorite, and it deserves as much recognition as all the others. ;D

Please, keep an eye out for posts that will follow. Many will either be sign ups for events, event descriptions, or posts regarding those who would like to help me out.

Thank you everyone! Let's aim for a perfect festival!

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