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15 September 2006 @ 10:36 pm
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More info here.Collapse )
[t]itle: Firefly Without A Light
[r]ating: ESRB rating of Teen < angst, mature situations, plot complexity >
[w]ordcount: 504
[f]andom: Naruto
[p]airing: Neji/Tenten
[s]ummary: Twelve children. Fourteen days. This may just be the hardest thing Team Gai has ever had to do.
[n]otes: WARNING: THIS PROLOGUE PACKS A PUNCH. I'm not kidding. This thing packs PAIN into 504 words.

The creek on whose banks the grass grew had swelled from all the rain— bloated, almost, like a tick that had gotten exactly its fill of blood.Collapse )
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