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22 June 2006 @ 08:23 am
Hello everyone! ^__^

Alright, I know that most of you don't even have clue one as to who I am, for I have been such a dreadful lurker here. >_< I know, I know... 'tis terrible! But, as of late my brain's been just completely EATEN by NejiTen and I have decided to quit being skittish about delving into writing this couple and just do it. I am, however, torn on one subject and thought I'd ask for all of your equally-obsessed-and-therefore-more-than-expert opinions on it. (Mods, if this sort of thing is not allowed, please feel free to remove it. I won't take offense. ^__^)

Who do you think the initiator/agressor in the relationship would be, especially in terms of that first precarious step?

I can see it either way and, since I'm not all that confident writing in either my Neji or Tenten voices, I am wobbling back and forth on it. I'd love to hear all of your thoughts! Right now, it seems the majority of fic seem to focus on the "Neji realizing what's right there in front of him and stepping forth to plant a big smoochie on Tenten" plot. And that is a very viable possibility, definitely. But, lately, I've started thinking that maybe it might just go the other way if when it happens...

What do you think?
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sahara storm
22 June 2006 @ 12:39 pm

Wotcher, fellow NejiTen-ers. Sahara here, with a favour to ask.


I’m in the process of writing a new NejiTen, and it’s almost done. For reasons that will come to light when I post the fic, I need some suggestions for fonts that would suit Neji and Tenten. As in… Would Tenten write like the Gigi font (Hi, I’m Tenten, Konoha’s budding weapons specialist) and Neji like the French Script font (Hyuuga Neji, genius of the Hyuuga clan/classical tortured hero with a tragic past)? These aren’t the best examples, but whatever. Any suggestion that you guys have would be awesome.


Thanks in advance for your help! I’d really appreciate it. ^__^

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22 June 2006 @ 04:09 pm

Title: Beyond the Rainbow
Genre: Romance/Song-Fic
Rating: PG
Summary: [Neji X Tenten One-Shot Song-Fic] The clouds are rolling in for an early afternoon shower but the weather seems to bring a family even closer than before. Please read and review! A/U Modern setting!
Warnings: Fluffy goodness behind LJ CUT! May cause tooth ache and warm fuzzy feelings inside! :3
Notes: A sweet little one-shot inspired by Katharine McPhee’s performance of Somewhere over the Rainbow on American Idol. If you guys haven’t heard it... Here's The Link. It truly is a stunning performance. I cried... that is no joke! T_T It was great!

Just a stop beyond the rain...Collapse )

Please let me know what you think! ^_~ Feedback is my food!
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