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Hi everyone! ♥ Anyway, I just recently checked out the themes list for the 100 Themes and found that one of the themes almost perfectly matches the situation at my house -- everything's being painted and all. Dad showed me this booklet with lots of colors and all, so.. *random*

Title: Perfection
Series: Naruto

Character(s)/Pairing: NejiTen (Hyuuga Neji x Tenten)
Rating: K+
Summary: Team Gai has to paint a house for a mission. Pre-series timeline.

(Yes, for as a woman, Tenten must know how to pick out aesthetically pleasing colors for her future husband!)

And, well, I wrote this on the first of May, and it's a little darker. A drabble, actually. I wrote it after reading a certain fanfic.. So, here it is.

Title: Flowers
Author: katya_jule
Theme no.: #15- flowers
Rating/Warnings: PG/surprise!
Character(s)/Pairing: Neji/Tenten
Type of fan work it is: Fanfiction/Drabble
Summary: Hyuuga Neji asks Tenten to forgive him.

(It was partly his fault in the first place.)

And, well, lastly..
Title: Touch
Author: katya_jule
Rating/Warnings: PG/a bit of angst
Character(s)/Pairing: Neji/Tenten
Type of fan work it is: Fanfiction/One-shot
Summary: Tenten would wonder if ever her hand would be held, for real, by someone she liked. [NejiTen]
Note: This is for nejiten's 100 Themes (#74- Hold my hand).

(When, during a mission, the wind would blow hard and mercilessly, each of them would clasp hands (on Gai-sensei's instructions) and concentrate their chakra. How it helped them, Tenten didn't know.)
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