March 29th, 2006

mg [zoe]

Music Video.

Here's another music video made by a member of the NejiTen Fc on Yep, another vid to the song Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon, but it's a regular video and not a fanart video. zomg Tenten is actually shown in more scenes than just the Temari fight. :OOO Enjoy! :D

Everything You Want
okami wingwolf

Those Three Words, part 3

I scrapped the entirely cliche last part of 3Words, and now the thing is going to be four or five parts instead of three. I'm a little more pleased with this now, but still kind of nervous. Especially as this part was finished off while I had a headache...sympathetic punishment for what I did to Neji? Hm.

Sorry Wildcatt, no topless Hyuuga slaveboys. Yet. (sniggers evilly)

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