January 2nd, 2006

Technicolor Girls

Habitually Obsessive, Screwing Destiny&Neji Fanart

Ack, here I am, shamelessly plugging again! Bad Wicked-san! In any case, two fanfictions! An update, and a new one-shot!

Title: Habitually Obsessive
Category: Continuation, One-Shot, My Gift-Fic for Lellian (*looks around and waves*), which I hope she liked!
Pairing: NejiTen
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: K+
Summary: 'It was when he realized he knew what purple pajamas she was talking about, and where they were, that he admitted to himself that he was more than a little obsessed.'

Habitually Obsessive

And, of course, an update for Screwing Destiny (summary and longer shameless plug below)!

Part II of Screwing Destiny

A fanart, not of TentenNeji, I'm afraid, but of Neji himself. It's done in colored pencil, so it's quite light, but I did try to make it pretty.

Hyuuga Neji :: Flight

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Konnichiwa, minna! Just wanted to introduce myself and contribute a post to the community. Call me Sakyh, (Sa-ki) because that's the only name I'll probably answer to. I haven't been a fan of these two for too long, because I only recently started to watch Naruto. I really hope to see more from Neji and Tenten! ^^ Mwehee

I started writing fics for them, at fanfiction.net. My user name is Tenshi no Hoshi, if anyone wants to read my story Scarred Memories. Please review! It's like getting mail for me ^^ Nyah!

Title: Scarred Memories
Rating: K+
Summary: A memory is a fragment of the past. When Tenten tries to piece together those fragments, she finds the answers to her existance. Little does she know that Neji and her scarred memories are closely tied together.

I'm also trying to learn how to draw manga so I could make a doujinshi. I bet that'll take me a LOOOONG time though, seeing how slow it takes me to draw the eye. Surprisingly enough, I already finished one scan. It takes place in the middle of the story, for some strange reason. Tell me what you guys think, kay? I'm sorta new at this stuff. Hope I catch on quick enough.

The Halo. ---Clicky!(Sometimes, I type it wrong and say 'Clucky' xD)

Nyah, well I hope to see you guys around! Merry 2007!~~
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