December 24th, 2005

Technicolor Girls

Screwing Destiny

*looks around nervously* This is my first time posting here, so please go easy on me if I break community rules by shamelessly plugging.

My first NejiTen! It's quite sappy, and I tried hard to keep everyone in character, though it was hard for Tenten, as we see so little of her personality in the first place.

Title: Screwing Destiny
Category: Continuation (about 9-10 years into the future from the current manga chapters, I believe)
Pairing: NejiTen, but with TINY hints of SasuSaku, ShikaTem (it was requested, or I'd have done ShikaIno), KurenaiAsuma, NaruHina, and some more. TINY hints, though. Mere mentions.
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: T
Summary: A rather intoxicated Tenten learns that when you screw with destiny, she usually sends fate to fuck with you.

Screwing Destiny

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