December 20th, 2005

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NejiTen Cosplay Pics

Well. Went to Ozine Con, stayed for like, three five-minute intervals and ditched the entire thing. Crappy venue. Boring event. Or if it was fun, we couldn't enjoy it because it was difficult to stay inside.

What we did instead was hang out in the mall [yes, in costume] while I bullied the Neji and Tenten I was with into posing for NejiTen shots, with our 'groupies' Stay and Sandra helping us. So I had a great time, although it was outside the con. My only regret is that I didn't get pics with Gaaras and Sasukes. ^^; But I got my Neji and Tenten to do NejiTen!!! So it was indoors and the lighting was crappy, but what the heck!!! [Something to look forward to: they agreed to an outdoors picnic photoshoot as long as I feed them blueberry cheesecake and lasagna. XD]


Warning: Pictures and pictures, and pictures!!!

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Well, I hope that about serves as my Christmas gift to this community. =)

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