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08 November 2005 @ 05:55 pm
I'm planning to creat a community here in LJ, the main purpose of this community is for requests, challenges and contest. Any anime will do, things that can be submitted or created in this site are as follows:

Fanarts or anything related to graphics and animation

I'm going to post this bulletin to all the communities I have joined in. If you are interested you kindly reply to this post or anywhere you find this post. I'm going to wait for probably a 2-3 weeks to all those interested so by the end of the month we have fully or finally established the community.

And by the way, we needed name for the community, if anyone would be so kind to share some of their thoughts I would gladly welcome it. And another one someone who could please make layout for the community?

Here are some available places in the community.
Co-mods, of course a community will not work without cheery co-moderators ne? Again, if anybody's interested kindly reply to this post. If this position has been filled I would probably add more. Depending on the decision of the other co-mods.

Hope you could give your own comments or suggestion to make this community I wanted to make succesful. Well, I would gladly appreciate it...Arigatou


08 November 2005 @ 07:47 pm
So using my relaxed mind I began to try and teach myself how to color with my mouse....not easy...but I am not discouraged. You can only get better, not worse. So cheers to coloring! Credits and whatnot are inside.

NejiTen colored (complete and nakie XD no don't worry everything is covered)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

EDIT: I'm gonna try and fix some of the problems I spotted when I got to school =_=. Like the eyes and some other parts near Neji's chin. Huzzah...more work >_>.

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