September 4th, 2005


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Hey! This is the NejiTen drabble which I've told some of you about (I think). So, please read and leave a review or comment here?

Title: Caught in the Moment- By the river
Status: Complete
Rating: K+ (that's the max.)
Summery: An oath…and its loophole; they were just who they were. Nothing else. NejiTen. NaruHina. ShikaIno
Teaser: There was nothing soft or romantic about the relationship they shared. At least, Tenten didn't think so...

( Caught in the Moment- By the river )

I hope you'll like it!
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hey there! I'm a little new to LiveJournal as well as this community so please bare with me.

well, anyways here's a oneshot that I wrote a few weeks ago. I hope that you guys will enjoy it. if not then I guess I have some work to do.

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