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26 August 2005 @ 09:51 am
Uhh...really nervous about posting this (that and it is my first post), but since it is NejiTen stuff I couldn't help myself XD. Yeah this is like my third attempt at a wallpaper so excuse my newbishness or the crappiness that is this wallpaper. I just was fooling around with a brush set and was thinking about this one fanart I saved a long time ago from a japanese site. Not exactly sure of the author of the drawing I used, but yeah I didn't draw that obviously. Uh if that is a problem (sorry if it is) then I'll delete the wallpaper ASAP. Other then that I also have like 3 neji/ten icons (none are fanarts or anything of that nature just screencaps).

Icons (3)
Wallpaper (2)
Banner (1)

* The 2nd is just a colored version of the original wallpaper

Get Ready For a Fake CutCollapse )
Hey guyz! T0 all the filipin0-auth0rs 0ut there, i have this fanfic 0f mine which is written in filipin0 language. If y0u are interested t0 read then click the link bel0w...


~> this is ab0ut the Hyuuga Neji and Tenten pretending t0 be a c0uple in fr0nt 0f Hiashi, Neji's Uncle. They are f0rce t0 pretend t0 be able t0 cancel the planned marriage arrangement f0r b0th Neji and Hinata. What will happened if the pr0digy and the weapon mistress fall in love with each other? What's the consequences 0f their act? Read, Fin-0ut and review!

Actually, this is my first narut0 fanfic that i made. It has 5 chapters [kinda long? ^_^] H0pe y0u like it.