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20 August 2005 @ 02:47 am
Erm. Sorry for double posting again. >_<
I did fanart. :) Of Tenten. And Neji too, but I think I'll remove him from the pic. She's jumping and um... She has a fuuma shuriken and a Zanbatou (I think thats what theyre called - Zabuza's sword), because I figured she could use some cooler weapons than kunai every now and then - Not that kunai arent cool. See, there are kunai in there too. :)
Anyways, this is not done, just sketch form right now - Im going to go over it in photoshop and colour it.

PSSSssst - Dont tell anyone.. but its dedicated to Goldberry. Because shes always like, first to comment on my stuff and is a really cool girl. :O

OMGzTENTENCollapse )

Um, and I also posted this in the Ten_squared community but I dunno how to do the fancy crosspost thing so Im just saying. :(