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18 August 2005 @ 12:00 pm
Hi! I was looking through the web for Nejiten stuff ever since my cousin lent me a CD containing an unfinished fan fiction with Neji x Tenten romance angle (I hope someone here has read The Frog and the Princess. I'm fairly new to Naruto FF.N [since I used to be more of a Slam Dunk fan] community so I'm not sure who wrote this. I'll check later on the FF.N site). That is how I landed here, and boy, I sure am glad I did. NejiTen fluff madness, yay!

I totally adore the couple, and I'm very glad that people everywhere agree with me! It's more plausible than Neji x Sakura, right?

Can anyone recommend NejiTen fics that can be read for starters? And maybe three or four of the best authors of this couple that I can stalk in FF.N?
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18 August 2005 @ 06:33 pm
I'm sorry to disappoint you, readers. I kn0w that my story isn't beautiful, fun to read and most of all has a wrong grammar and bad plot. To tell you honestly, I'm not that fluent in speaking in english and correct usage of words... In my st0ry, I really want to make it beautiful but unfortunately it isn't quite good. I also gave my full effort to do that st0ry. Also, I made that in a short period of time coz I have to go to school everyday.

One more thing, I really appreciate those readers that submitted their comments in my fic. And thanks for the positive and negative reaction about my fic. I will do my best to improve my writing skills, GRAMMARS and ENGLISH... Thanks you for reading!

>>to all visitors and my fellow-writers here..If
You are interested to read my st0ry...then....read it!
I will be happy if you READ it and SUBMIT some REVIEWS

thank you...

18 August 2005 @ 07:27 pm
So I wrote another... something. o_O; You guys demanded I get to work on the stuff in my My Documents folder- so I did. Basically, for this one, one day a while ago I was contemplating the Narutoverse and the fact that the job of a ninja is so glorified. Does Naruto realize how many people he might have to kill or hurt to become Hokage? Does Sasuke realize what he's done by leaving? Does Hiashi realize who he's affected by supporting the cursed seals? Just stuff like that, and that you know, 13 year olds know how to kill each other. o_O; So, this one is a drabble/onshot/SOMETHING on that.

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