August 1st, 2005

[SPIFFY] was this icon NOT made for me


Just because I'm lazy does not mean I'm not working.

Or is it!? o_O

....Moving on. I'm working on the last two drabbles that people had requested. I believe it was Neji babysitting and a fic with Shino and Team Gai, somewhat on crack. Lovely. Just because I feel guilty about not finishing those drabbles when they were requested a long time ago, here's the fic I wrote and posted on my LJ, but did not post here. It was requested bymicalily!!

It's one of those 'Neji's late from a mission OMG' and it's fluffly..and....everything. Yeaaaah..>_> This theme is quite popular with many other writers and I thought it would be fun writing it as well.

And it was. >D  Enjoy.

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