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01 July 2005 @ 03:07 pm

I'm back to fanfic writing! It's been a while since I actually WROTE something. I'm crossposting this to my journal too, k?
I have four drabbles, all kinda short. Oh well.


Title: Bear Delivery
Author: Lacusnin (Moonlightpath)
Couple: Nejiten
Theme: Teddy Bear
Rating: G
Warning: There’s nothing dangerous here… lol

Drabble 1: Bear DeliveryCollapse )


Title: StuckTogether
Author: Lacusnin (Moonlightpath)
Couple: Nejiten
Theme: Stuck Together
Rating: G
Warning: Its has a little bit of fluffiness

Drabble 2: Stuck TogetherCollapse )


Title: First Fall Of Snow
Author: Lacusnin (Moonlightpath)
Couple: Nejiten
Theme: Snow
Rating: K
Warning: None

Drabble 3: First Fall Of SnowCollapse )

Title: In The Rain
Author: Lacusnin (Moonlightpath)
Couple: Nejiten
Theme: Rain
Rating: K
Warning: Just the annoying sound of rain plopping down.
Plop, plop.

Drabble 4: In The RainCollapse )


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01 July 2005 @ 10:56 pm
Yes, I wrote another drabble. This one is for the wonderful Tenten-chan, whose birthday was yesterday! :D Two more drabbles to go...

What You Can't SeeCollapse )
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