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24 June 2005 @ 03:41 pm
Ah-HA! You thought Kia was done with her crazed RPing, DIDN'T YOU? Well, you're wrong. ^^ I just had school, but now I am FREE.

And to celebrate, I've been RPing with my crazy friends. And I have a couple excerpts.

Summary: Takes place after the "Rescue Sasuke-Bucket" thing, and after the whole "Tenten's Birthday" RP I posted earlier. Team Gai basically goes to Sand to form a stronger alliance with the Shinobi, though, and of course...Gaara gets introduced to their antics. I'll post another RP between Gaara and Tenten over at ten_squared, since Neji is only mentioned in that one.

That said...here we go. WARNING: There is talk of bondage, and Gaara being like a Hershey bar. You have been duly warned. As always, I played Tenten and Lee and my friend was Neji and Gaara.

Bondage?Collapse )

Actually, we're doing another RP now, in which...hooray! Bonding + Gaara= PAIN. And we're just bad that way...because Lee wears a thong. @.@

I hope I haven't scarred you guys yet. ^^;;
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