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23 June 2005 @ 03:22 pm
So, I'm posting because I need help [as if the headline didn't make that clear enough already]. And here's what I need help with:

an incredibly stupid and persistant plot bunnyCollapse )

I have NO idea how to continue this, so any critique would be much appreciated.


Oh, you probably want a summary of the story, don't you? Something to entice you to read this unfinished piece of crap something that's not qute done.

Urm, in short, it's a oneshot [or would be if I could only finish it]. More of a friendship fic than anything else, though you might find bits of NejiTen if you squinted really hard and tilted your head sideways. There's bits of Lee thrown in, as well. [Oh God, I just realized how bad that sounded.] Lee's included, too. In the friendship, I mean, not the NejiTen.....I'm rambling.

Yeah, so, to reiterate, comments would be very nice, appreciated, helpful, and all that jazz..