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30 April 2005 @ 10:52 pm
Waaah...I almost forgot to post this!

XD No fics today, guys, sorry. I'm seriously brain-dead, but I promise, they ARE getting written!

Mostly, I have two RP excerpts again...the first one is from our recent Tenten birthday RP (two months AFTER her birthday XD), in which Lee makes a comeback and goes off on Neji for "crushing Tenten's spirit by kissing her".

Oh. My Spirit. It burns like acid-washed jeans.Collapse )

And this...is me and Kaie-san's awesome Friendship Song that will one day be used in a Broadway show. Although when we RPed this, I wrote in an OOC comment "If this really IS a song, I hate myself." Yes, we made it up off the top of our heads. We didn't confer or anything...which is probably why we were so damned amused by it. XD

Friendship is the key!Collapse )

Yeah, we make Neji suffer.

Y'know, at any point, you can tell me to stop. x.x I swear, I won't hurt you or decapitate you with a menorah or anything.
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