April 30th, 2005

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Waaah...I almost forgot to post this!

XD No fics today, guys, sorry. I'm seriously brain-dead, but I promise, they ARE getting written!

Mostly, I have two RP excerpts again...the first one is from our recent Tenten birthday RP (two months AFTER her birthday XD), in which Lee makes a comeback and goes off on Neji for "crushing Tenten's spirit by kissing her".

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And this...is me and Kaie-san's awesome Friendship Song that will one day be used in a Broadway show. Although when we RPed this, I wrote in an OOC comment "If this really IS a song, I hate myself." Yes, we made it up off the top of our heads. We didn't confer or anything...which is probably why we were so damned amused by it. XD

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Yeah, we make Neji suffer.

Y'know, at any point, you can tell me to stop. x.x I swear, I won't hurt you or decapitate you with a menorah or anything.
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