April 29th, 2005

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I have way too much fun with this community, you know?

Syao-chan did some fic recommendations, so I did some of my own!

Drunk with Love- by teamgaifan.

There's a few minor NejiTen moments, but I love how it explains why Tenten's avoiding battle with the drunken Lee in episode 124. XD I was seriously laughing hard when I read this.

Men Who Are On the Brink of Second Childhood: Hyuuga Neji- by Syaoran no Hime.

Quite possibly one of THE most funny NejiTen fics I've EVER read. The whole misunderstanding with the Hyuuga family with Neji being gay, and then Tenten going and making a shrimp SMILEY FACE on his plate IN FRONT OF HIASHI...it's BEAUTIFUL. I HIGHLY recommend this one if you guys haven't read it.

Neji the Womanizer- by Yuxi.

Basically, Neji has to marry and so starts dating the kunoichi of Konohagakure. You just KNOW things are gonna be good when he tries to turn off his first date by talking about Hyuuga-manufactured condoms. XD Yet another hilarious fic.

Boys Night Out- by Rekino.

^^ It's very cute! You get to see our home-boys talk about why they love their girlfriends and you also get to see Naruto run for his life.

XD She also did Kodoku, which is another personal favorite...Neji...jealous over a DOG. *snicker*

Tilting at Windmills- by Goldberry.

Neji and Tenten on a mission together...and I love it because their relationship develops, they stay in PERFECT character, and goddammit, there's a kick-ass kiss scene.

Also from her...I recommend "The Dress". Hyuuga Neji is a man, after all!

Cold Hands- by Oversoul

You want Fluff? There's plenty of it. And water bottle-stealing Hyuugas too. A very cute read. ^^

There's plenty more, but Syao-chan mentioned a bunch...and lastly, a little thing from my newest work-in-progress: Nuklear Firefly's request! Hers is fun to do, especially since the fluff analogy bit...and I'm working on Rekino's, but it's Midnight here, so I'll post that later...err...today?

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