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18 April 2005 @ 02:18 am
[waves shyly] Syao-chan here. I'm thrilled to see a community of NejiTen shippers here ^-^ At least I know that i will never be alone in praying that enlightenment would penetrate Kishi-sensei's muddled and exhausted brains with the light that is NejiTen. Anyway, I did a little something-something for my forum, and I thought it would be nice to share it with you guys.

Neji x Tenten Survey

Created by syaochan and taken 0 times on bzoink!

The most attractive feature of his appearance. hair
The thing that defines Neji the most. Mr. Arrogant Myserious Aura
The person you don't want to pair with him, straight or gay Sakura, dammeeet!
If he can't get Tenten, you will recommend: myself
Is he included among your Top 3 Naruto bishounens? I think. I only remember Kakashi and Shino.
Does he make you think of yaoi? Who is his partner? Not really. Maybe Gai-sensei? XD
I want to see Neji dressed in/as: Tux. The one Robin wore in Date w/ Destiny.
Is she your favorite kunoichi? Yeah!
Do you think she should change her hairstyle? Hair down!
Does her surname-less state bother you? Neji's going to take care of that.
She can be best remembered for: not having a surname XD And being Neji's sparring mate.
If Neji is unavailable, the love interest you will recommend to her is: can't think of one. It's Neji or nothing.
What convinced you of this pairing? chemistry
Rate from 1-10 (w/ the latter as the highest) the prospect of NejiTen going canon 10!
Fave NejiTen hint/moment Any scene with the two of them side by side works for me ^^
W/c anti-NejiTen pair do you dislike the most? LeeTen T.T
Do you read NejiTen fanfics? What NejiTen fic title can you remember? Yeah! Hyuuga Persuasion! THE NejiTen fic pick!
How about NejiTen authors? I remember Goldberry and Attorney (Nutty Scribbler)
Will Tenten give up her Tsunade-like ambitions for Neji? No.
Is this your favorite Naruto pairing? YES! Along with ShinoHina ^^
Is this part of your Top 10 anime pairings? Hai!

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