April 15th, 2005

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I live. And happily, thanks to good grades, got off restriction FIVE DAYS EARLY. Go, me!

And so, to celebrate, I am giving you guys yet MORE RP excerpts and an excerpt from another one-shot I'm planning! (typing up original after this.)

This one is from the Bonding RP...remember when Lee hugged Neji and Neji FREAKED? Yeah, this is what happens after.

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XD We had a bit fun with Let's-Make-Neji-Angst. We really do love him. I promise.

This one takes place when Tenten falls asleep on Neji and embarrasses him so bad that he doesn't show up for two days when she's in the hospital.

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Can't you see Neji jumping out a window and landing all swooshy-like, with his hair all "FWOOSH"? *sweatdrops* or...could be me. I think someone wanted me to e-mail the whole thing to them...who was it?

Next up, from the Birthday RP! One of my personal favorite scenes, when Tenten is DETERMINED to make Neji admit that he cares for her by...being female.

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And yes, another favorite scene, when an oblivious Lee decides he will help Neji's "love life". I'm sorry, but I was cracking up during this entire thing.

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And that is Kia's attempt to play Lee. ^^;;

Finally, an excerpt from a weird stroke of insane creativity.

Summary: It's almost White Day, and Lee wants to make Sakura a cake! Somehow, Tenten and Neji get roped into assisting him (under penalty of running 600 laps), and when the Kurenai cell, Naruto, and the Asuma cell show up to help out (hinder/sabotage/annoy/create mass destruction) things get...weird.

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^^;; Eheh...truthfully, it's also a NaruHina one-shot, since I feel that they need more love.

Anyway, let me know if I've scarred anyone for life yet.
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