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04 April 2005 @ 07:33 pm
Weeeelll...guess who got herself grounded for a month? Actually...it's less than two weeks now, because my dad gave me an hour for scholarships...I'll be back and posting on April 17th! ^^;; I just came to say that the one-shot I mentioned way back when is DONE and will be posted once I'm back! I had too much fun with Lee and Gai, methinks...

And just because I can, I have four excerpts from a RP I did with my friend...Tenten's birthday! Once again, I was Tenten and Lee, she was Gai and Neji.

Happy Birthday--are those TURTLES?Collapse )

I decided to skip the lovely part on Gai's secret love, Anko. o.o We were weird that day.

Blanket...allergies. >.>Collapse )

^^ I found that one cute. Minor summary: Lee was going off about Sakura, so Neji and Tenten flee when he tries to hunt them down. Neji remembers a place he took his teammate when he..err.."kidnapped" her from the hospital (that'll be posted when I'm not grounded!) and so they end up in an abandoned gym while it's raining. Hence the blankets.

WTF?Collapse )

And lastly...in which Tenten and Neji play the "I'm-Too-Stubborn-To-Back-Down" game. o.O

ADMIT IT!Collapse )

And that concludes my presentation. *bows and scurries away* Some of it may seem OOC, but it was fun anyway. Comment if you want...the pug won't eat you.
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