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20 March 2005 @ 02:44 pm
^^ Hey, everyone! Again!

I'm still working on the NejiTen one-shot I mentioned in my last post, and it's coming along nicely...'cept I can't post it on ff.net until they lift my suspension. -.- So when I finish, I'll post it here, if you all don't mind!

Anyway, I've been doing two RPs with a friend of mine and they both involve Team Gai. I play Tenten and Lee and she plays Gai and Neji. The first takes place before the Chuunin exams when Gai decides his team needs a mission: a BONDING mission. Yep, that's right. So Neji's privately horrified, Tenten's trying to cope, and Lee's...ecstatic. I wanted to post some of the more NejiTen-centric scenes we've gotten so far.

For example, when Gai has them write things about each other on scrolls, Neji writes on Tenten's: "You are the member of this team I can stand the most. Unlike many of the other genin girls, you actually do fight. Your accuracy is amazing. You are not worthless."

Which is pretty amazing for Neji. o.o I may cut the rest, since it's more than a few posts.

Neji compliments and Tenten chokesCollapse )

In which, after a grueling "human triangle" and "Advice column" session, the trio...bonds more. The next is when (after still more torture!), Gai takes his team to a local dance and Neji witnesses...terror.

Fangirls?Collapse )

This ends...somewhat violently, since Gai has to break it up and Neji has to escort Tenten to the bathroom later. And then...gasp!

Dancing?!Collapse )

Then there's the whole Gai-locks-Tenten-in-a-closet-so-she-can-hear-how-worried-the-boys-get plan, and then she ends up sick, so they take her to the hospital, only the doctor's insane and tries to kill her and so Neji and Lee kick ass while Gai takes Tenten back to Konoha, and there is the wonderful battle of wills when Neji goes to visit her!

Chair or Bed?Collapse )

Two more for now, because I'm not sure if I'm scaring you people yet. o.o In which Lee gets a little too...err..yeah.

YOOOOSH!Collapse )

^^;; I've got about three or four more from this RP, but I'll postpone posting them unless you guys want me too. So far, my favorite mental image is the game Pass-the-Life-saver-via-straw, when Neji passes it to Tenten and it almost falls. Just...Neji...with a straw sticking out of his mouth...*dies*

I'm gona...go now. *cough*
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20 March 2005 @ 10:09 pm
HEY ALL! I just joined up here and since I noticed there's not enough NejiTen love in the world, I decided to post some of my Fanart sketches to share with this awesome community >> << You might know me from DevArt you might not. Oh well. XD

WARNING. Lots of pics, may take awhile to loadCollapse )

And on another note, if anyone has any ideas for a NejiTen pic idea it would be greatly appreciated. Because I love them as a couple but my crappy ideas dont do them anywhere near enough justice XD;