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14 March 2005 @ 01:12 am
^^;; Hello! I've been stalking checking this place for awhile now, so I finally decided to join!

Basically...I love this pairing. I did two RPs with a friend (one in which Gai has his team "Bond" and this involves passing Lifesavers on a straw, singing the "Friendship Song", dancing, insane doctors, toilet paper...etc.) and our newest one which we started on Tenten's birthday...ABOUT Tenten's birthday. Gasp! And we just did a scene where Tenten kissed Neji on the cheek and got all flustered, so Neji smirks and kisses her on the lips.

*happy dance*

Anyway, I have nothing for you now, but I'd like to run a one-shot idea by you guys and also ask a question. Exactly what is it that you adore about this pairing? What made you think they were perfect for each other?

And my one-shot idea...

An Apple a Day: When Tenten comes down with a bad cold, Gai makes it the team's mission to nurse her back to health! But with Lee and Gai making things worse with all their enthusiasm, can our heroine survive? And who keeps leaving her apples?

Here's an excerpt. ^^;;

Poor, Poor TentenCollapse )

I have a lot to write, though...@.@
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