February 28th, 2005

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Intro post and mostly N/T mush. Mostly. XD

I've been writing Neji/Tenten for awhile, mostly drabbles here and there. I post very infrequently as Absolut Angel on FF.N and am fairly active on naruto100 -- and, most importantly I suppose, I dig Neji/Tenten. XD I've been on a serious Neji kick lately and the result is this little short, written in just under a half-hour at four in the morning after not sleeping for twenty-eight hours. It had much better reception than I'd expected -- I mean, four in the morning, flowery prose and bad symbolism? Yeah. -- but people seemed to like it so I thought I would share.

Title: What She Cannot Afford
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama/Romance
The Editor From Hell: cynic_in_charge

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I'd love some constructive criticism and all that junk, but only if you feel like it. XD
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